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Pantun Text Digital Teaching Materials Oriented on the Character of Honesty and Creative Learning for Students of Class Vii Junior High School

This study aims to obtain the development of digital pantun text teaching materials oriented towards honest characters and creative learning for class VII junior high school students so that this teaching material can be an alternative that can be used for rhyme learning in class. This digital pantun teaching material adopts student learning needs that are all digital with an orientation towards strengthening aspects of honesty and creative learning. Researchers use the Canva application to create digital pantun text teaching materials. The research method used is the development research method with the ADDIE model steps (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) which are analyzed using descriptive-qualitative data techniques. Beginning with analyzing the 2013 curriculum related to core competencies and basic competencies in Indonesian language lessons regarding People's Poetry (rhyme) then analyzing pantun texts sourced from a book entitled Anthology of Old Archipelago Poetry Contains Advice written by Siti Zahra Yundiafi et al published by the Language Center of the Department Jakarta National Education in 2002. For the next stage the digital pantun text teaching materials were validated by 2 experts (materials and media), and 4 practitioners from high school teachers (MTs, MA,). Based on the results of validation by experts and educational practitioners, they obtained an average score of 84% with a very decent category in terms of content, presentation, language and graphic feasibility. Pantun text digital teaching materials were tested on 30 MTs students by giving pre-test and post-test. The results of this implementation show that there are differences between before the experiment and after the experiment so that it can be concluded that digital pantun text teaching materials are suitable for use in school learning.

Honest, Creative, Folk Poetry, Rhymes, Digital Teaching Materials

Saptono Aji, Abdul Rozak, Jaja. (2023). Pantun Text Digital Teaching Materials Oriented on the Character of Honesty and Creative Learning for Students of Class Vii Junior High School. International Journal of Secondary Education, 11(3), 74-82.

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