International Journal of Secondary Education

Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2021

  • The Practice of Teaching Writing Skills Using the Process Approach: The Case of Three Selected Secondary Schools in Wolaita Zone, Ofa Woreda

    Elias Belete Delango

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2021
    Pages: 91-107
    Received: 15 July 2021
    Accepted: 10 August 2021
    Published: 5 November 2021
    Abstract: This study focuses on the practices of teaching writing skills using process approach in three selected secondary schools in Wolaita Zone, Offa woreda. To achieve the objective of the study, the researcher employed a descriptive research design with mixed approaches was employed. The data were gathered via classroom observation, interview, and ques... Show More
  • Teachers’ Views on the Social Networks Used by Mathematicians

    Andreas Marinos

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2021
    Pages: 108-114
    Received: 12 September 2021
    Accepted: 4 October 2021
    Published: 10 November 2021
    Abstract: Many teachers work on social networks out of school. They participate via this social networking in maths forums where they exchange views on various maths issues with their students and other maths teachers (ή colleagues). The purpose of this research paper is the assessment of the afore-mentioned social networks taking into account the opinions h... Show More
  • The Effect of Positive Perfectionism on Academic Burnout Among Middle-School Students: Mediating Role of Emotional Stability and Moderating Effect of Teacher-Student Relationships

    Yun Luo, Jiezhen Liang, Yan Jiang

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2021
    Pages: 115-123
    Received: 15 November 2021
    Accepted: 15 December 2021
    Published: 21 December 2021
    Abstract: Academic burnout affects various educational and psychological outcomes. Students with high levels of academic burnout have been reported to show less interest in curriculums and harms students’ growth. Therefore, studying the psychological mechanism of academic burnout is helpful to alleviate academic burnout and improve students’ academic perform... Show More
  • Evaluation of the Use of the Emerging Pedagogies in Tunisia During the Pandemic

    Elhoucine Essefi, Soumaya Hajji

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2021
    Pages: 124-127
    Received: 10 September 2021
    Accepted: 8 November 2021
    Published: 31 December 2021
    Abstract: As it is the case worldwide, pandemic conditions have surprisingly imposed the use of new emerging pedagogies in Tunisian universities. This use has failed to reach the pedagogical efficiency. This failure is related to causes related to students as well as teachers. Based on questionnaire of 100 students and 50 teachers from the University of Gabe... Show More